Visual Alchemist

Visionary Alchemistic Artist, Aurélien "Pumayana" Floret, from the Luminaya crew.

Pumayana is a Visionary Artist bringing his art to life through motion in synch with the music; creating an all encompassing experience for the audience. Using his own artworks and digital paintings created over the last 10 years, Pumayana has a unique VJ-ing style like no other.

Many resonate with his art as it speaks to their hearts in a language we can’t express through words. His talent is in capturing a feeling, or a fleeting glimpse one may have had through a spiritual experience but soon forgotten.

Pumayana weaves his art and takes his audience on a journey. Each journey is unique and made live. His intuition brings him in tune with the music in front of a live audience to deliver a set that’s always at it’s best in that moment; a unique collective co-creation.

Originally from France, and now residing in Byron Bay Australia; Pumayana travels the world showcasing his art and sharing his talent.

To visit the full Pumayana website and get more info please visit: www.pumayana.com. To view Pumayana’s artwork and/or to purchase a print or product please visit the shop: www.pumayana.com/shop







International VJ - Art Installations

Pumayana is able to travel nation-wide for all events below and internationally for festivals. Please book in advance to ensure Pumayana can make it to your event.

  • Parties and Events: Private Parties, Functions, Outdoor Parties
  • Clubs: Night Clubs nation-wide
  • Festivals: Music Festivals, Spiritual Festivals
  • Spiritual Gatherings and Workshops

Pumayana performs specific journeys including :

  • Trance journey
  • Shamanic journey
  • Meditative journey
  • Dance journey
  • Healing - Sacred Geometry journey
  • And More...

Book Pumayana for your next party or event. Please book in advance to ensure Pumayana can make it to your event.





Recent Events

Australia Wide and International

VJ-ing is DJ-ing with colours, shapes, patterns and sacred geometry... weaving them together in tune with the music for a full experience

Pumayana has recently performed with Electrypnose, GMS, Zen Mechanics, Hux Flux, Desert Dwellers and many other talented musicians.

Pumayana has recently performed at the following festivals:

Book Pumayana for your next party or event. Please book in advance to ensure Pumayana can make it to your event.






Live visual journeys video samples

:: more videos to come soon recorded in HD from festivals and events ::


    Video sample of compilation of live visual journey, recorded in festivals in Australia, 2013.
    ART: Live Mix from Pumayana's artwork.
    MUSIC: Astropilot - Love Each Day :: http://www.altar-records.com
    EDITING: Cylindra


    This video is made from famous Pumayana's mandalas. Inspiration comes from shamanic journeys in Perou
    ART: Digital Painting from Pumayana
    MUSIC: Tito la Rosa
    EDITING: Aurélien Pumayana Floret






A few examples of Pumayana's artwork

:: you can see more artwork at www.pumayana.com ::









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